Why Choose Alice’s?

School Environment:

-Loving, inviting, home-style environment

-Open year-round, with a 6 am to 6 pm weekday schedule.  Full time or part time enrollment is available

-School lunch program available, with two free snacks given per day

-Ethnically diverse atmosphere

-Multiple play areas, separated by age

-Closed only twelve days of the year, less than other neighboring schools

-On site individual homework help available for after school education program


-First aid and CPR certified teachers

-Locked front door during school session

-Sign-in and out sheets

-Identification clearance required to pick up children

Learning Environment:

-Separate classrooms according to age

-Daily group lessons feature songs, flashcards, and books  with preschoolers and pre-kindergartners

-Children gain hands on experiences in life sciences by learning life cycles of plants and animals through observation

-The students are taught good eating habits as they learn about a variety of fruits and vegetables

-Children are able to participate in class cooking activities, including cakes, pizzas, and seasonal items

Food Service:

-Fresh meals cooked daily, served with milk or 100% juice. Depending on the season, we feature the fruits and vegetables from our garden in the meal.

-We take into account the different dietary needs and restrictions according to each child.

-Children are served a variety of whole grains, fresh cut fruits and vegetables for lunch and snacks

-The menu is regularly changed each month to avoid repetition (however we continue with our well-loved Friday meal of salad, pizza, and ice cream!)

-Two daily balanced snacks with two food groups such as fruits vegetables crackers and trail mix are served


-Full, on-site kitchen, in which the home-style lunches and snacks of our food program are prepared

-Locally owned and operated by Orange County family

-Constantly upgrading facilities and equipment