Infant/Toddler Care




Our infant program attends to children as young as 6 weeks old, up to 2 years of age. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provide your child with a nurturing environment in which infants are encouraged to grow into walking and talking toddlers. With our loving care, your child will be constantly attended to and have their needs taken care of.


Our partitioned infant room allows for a private changing station, a play area, and a nap time room where infants sleep in individual cribs. Children play with a variety of sensory developing toys, and begin crawling and moving their growing bodies on soft foam mats. During the day we play nursery rhymes and talk to the infants so that they are constantly being stimulated and are exposed to a happy and welcoming environment. We are constantly maintaining clean playing, eating and sleeping areas in order to  provide the highest level of care so that our preschool becomes a second home for your child.


Feeding occurs at breakfast, snack time, and lunch. Diapers are seen to as frequently as possible to ensure your child is always rash-free and comfortable. Hands and faces are cleaned and maintained tidy.

Outdoor Time

Infants are taken outside in strollers twice a day, and are kept in the shade of our designated outdoor baby play area. Those learning to walk are permitted to crawl and begin standing using the outside toys. Walking toddlers are allowed to roam and explore the safe outdoor play equipment such as a play house and miniature slide.