Our preschoolers are divided up into two classrooms, the 2-3 year olds, and the 4-5 year olds.

The 2-3 year olds practice the very basics of numbers, letters, patterns, and tactile development. They participate in group lessons, experience working together, sharing, and learn nursery rhymes. There are many opportunities throughout the day for active play, to develop young muscles and promote a healthy lifestyle.  The preschoolers participate in art projects, as well as fun and games in the classroom.

They learn how to verbalize their emotions, play with others, and go to the bathroom on their own. They learn good habits such as manners, table etiquette, and cleanliness. This transitional period from the infant room to pre-kindergarten is a crucial time in which your child’s abilities are strengthened and reinforced in a positive manner.


The 4-5 year olds in pre-kindergarten further develop their knowledge of sounds and numbers, by practicing counting and sounding out letters. They begin the basics of addition and reading at this age. During group lessons, there is a weekly theme such as the life cycle of insects,

Math Lessons

When counting with the children to 100, we stop at 50 and discuss how many states and stars there are on the flag.  They are able to remember and connect facts much better than their peers in elementary school, and will surprise you with how much they know. In addition, we use current events, and real life examples to illustrate concepts in the classroom. For example, when learning shapes, the children were taught about the President’s office in order to help them remember an oval. And with this transition, we talked about the President and his family.  It is through lessons like this, that we produce well rounded individuals who learn beyond the ordinary curriculum.

Language Arts

We do the alphabet, sounds, and begin introducing how to read. They learn how to write their names, and do daily worksheets covering the letter of the week. We read stories as a class, and sing many different songs.

History & Geography

The children are taught about the seven continents and the oceans, including the regional animals found in each. They also learn about the different months and seasons, as we cover each child’s birthday.  We also go over the meaning behind significant holidays and the important people we are paying tribute to.

Creative Arts

art projects depending on the holiday and themes of the month. Paper crafts, painting,  use of safety scissors

Healthy Eating

seasonal foods, cooking, eating from our vegetable and fruit garden, incorporate into group lesson

Outside Play

Stretching, yoga, dancing